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Bodren is a synonym of supreme wine predicates. The winery has spread its vineyards in a region of absolute ecological attributes, on rested hills of the gentle Hrvatsko Zagorje. Thanks to Bodren’s owner and winemaker, Mr. Boris Drenski, this small region abounding in castles, has been reliving its centuries-old noble hedonistic tradition. Recognizing microclimatic potentials in his native Zagorje thatguarantee grapes high in acidity, often stressed as a disadvantage of the dry wines from this region, a skillful winemaker has used it to advantage. The vibrant acidity is well balanced against sweetness and reduces the sensation of weight; it makes for fresh and alluring wines. Bodren’s Trockenbeerenauslese and Icewine are characterized by aconcentrated harmonius aroma, similar to that of meadow honey. With a botrytis note, which adds to its freshness, the low alcohol content places it into a “medicinal” category. Limited quantities of predicates made solely from recommended grape varietis, due to special conditions of ripening and harvesting, are distinguished by its exceptional quality.

An accidental encounter with predicate wines has outgrown into a grand love for environmental friendly wines, representing a rich ten-year experience today. Drenski’s first appearence in the market was shy, but recognitions for his vision and undisputable quality came from all international wine competitions for his first vintages. Besides many international awards and gold medals, last five years Bodren winery has been awarded six Gold, eight Silver and six Bronze medals at the Decanter World Wine Awards in London. In 2011 Bodren icewine 2009 has won the DWWA Regional Trophy and it has been included in Top 10 sweet wines. The most recent aknowledgement for the quality of our icewines has been received by the world’s most influential wine competition International Wine Challenge 2014 – Bodren Icewine 2011 has won Gold Medal, Pinot Blanc Icewine 2012 Silver Medal and Chardonnay TBA 2010 Bronze Medal.

As there is never enough hedonism, in 2012 Bodren winery broadened its winegrowing capacity to around 30 000 grape vines in total. Apart from Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Riesling and Traminer grapes, the winery has planted additional vines of Yellow Muscatand Sauvignon Blanc. Mr. Drenski would also like to try his hand at cultivating a native grape variety of Hrvatsko Zagorje – Krapinska Belina, a synonym of Gouais Blanc or Weisser Heunisch, and a forefather of well known Chardonnay grapes.

Our vision is to expand the vineyards but at the same time to preserve an authentic, traditional way of farming, harvesting and production that we could control on our own, as well as to continue to further improve the quality and maintain the highest standards in our wine production. The style of wine that we would like to nurture and strive for is that of Bodren 2009 Icewine – fresh and alluring dessert wines in which vibrant acidity is well balanced against the sweetness, characterized by a concentrated harmonious aroma and rich flavour, low alcohol and high residual sugar content. Recently the idea of enotourism or wine wellness has emerged in form of a predicate village where the visitors would, among other, be able to taste and buy a selection of these top quality wines. Immersed in this aristocratic nectar and inspired by innumerous inexhaustible ideas, Bodren winery is boldly becoming an ambassador of the region and an example of potential reaches of high enological quality.

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